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Swim Lessons Overview

Swimming skills are a critical element of any aquatic safety strategy – for a key reason – They go with your child everywhere they go! You can do everything to protect your child from your home pool but they are exposed to aquatic risk at friends, neighbors and family pool homes as well as the many bodies of natural water that are close by. PLEASE click the “What to expect – Details” tab – to learn about scheduling / pricing etc…

Besides safety, research has shown that there are many additional benefits to taking swim lessons. Little swimmers: 

  • Feel more confident about themselves

  • Have improved body co-ordination

  • Have better physical control and motor development

  • Demonstrate increased problem solving skills and mental agility.

  • Show improved memory capacity

What we offer:

Survival Skills
The first objective for any infant or child must be the ability to look after themselves in the water should they find themselves there alone. This means being able to float on their back to rest and breath and as they get older develop the “swim-breathe-swim” to reach a point of safety.

Skills Building (Refresher lessons)
As a precursor to formal group stroke lessons and a continuation of survival skills – refresher lessons progress the basic behaviors already learned. Refresher classes are important on an annual basis – especially when there has been a break in swim activities.

Adult / Child water adaptation
Specialized lessons structured to help older children and adults address their aquatic fears. Lesson times / frequency and objectives are set according to the individual needs of each student. Lessons are generally schedule at the end of the day when all other students have left for privacy.