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Refresher Lesson Info


Refresher Lessons / Maintenance Lessons


Understanding how swimming skills develop over time.

The graphic above shows how swimming skills improve with lessons and afterwards with practice. Naturally, when the swim season ends those skills decline and without practice or refresher lessons could fall below a level needed for survival. For this reason it is critical that you schedule refresher lessons for your child at the beginning of each swim season and if you observe changes in behaviors in the pool that are not consistent with what he has been taught. E.g. swimming with head up or refusing to roll to the back to float. For younger children refresher lessons scheduled at the end of the season can bump up the skill level again to carry them through the “off season”

Refresher lessons generally follow the same format as regular lessons (10 minutes / 4 days a week) Generally these lessons last 2-4 weeks but as your child gets older can be as little as a couple of days.

I can also provide Maintenance lessons for children who are skilled but parents feel they could benefit from a few lessons spread over a period of time. So instead of 4 lessons scheduled in a single week we can schedule 1 lessons a week over 4 weeks.

If you are unsure if your child needs refresher lessons – call me and we can discuss. We can always do an evaluation lesson to understand where the skill level is and come up with a plan of action!