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Meet Geoff Dawson

Geoff Dawson


President, The Pool Safety Resource


Mr. Geoff visiting a daycare facility, talking to children between 3 and 5 years of age about pool safety.


Swimming Pool Safety has been my passion since we moved to our own pool home in Longwood, Florida over 20 years ago. Like many new parents wanting to keep our “baby” safe we purchased a mesh fence for our pool when our son Philip became mobile enough to get himself “into trouble”.

One afternoon as I was cleaning the pool, Philip, then just 14 months old decided to join me and before I knew it he had bumped up on the inside of the fence which toppled him into the water. I was right there when he went in and was able to pull him out moments later – none the worse for his little “dive”. It was however the wake-up call we needed.


My wife Anna insisted that we enroll him in a Swim class right away. I must admit that I was quite skeptical – but after just a few lessons we could already see amazing results – and what’s more, on our next vacation he was impressing all the parents in the pool with his swimming skills.

I was so impressed with his progress that I decided I would become a swim instructor myself and start to contribute to the solution. In the twenty years I have been a swimming Instructor, I have taught over 3000 children to swim.

In 2005, I established The Pool Safety Resource so I could dedicate myself full time to the issues of pool safety – in the pool, teaching infants, in the community and supplying the products which could help prevent children ever reaching the water un-noticed.

Every year, before the swim season begins, I visit daycare facilities in the area and talk to children between 3 and 5 years of age about pool safety – I typically reach out to over 600 children every year!

In the 2010 I published my book “The Pool Safety Resource” to help more parents address their pool safety concerns. I am a member of the Safe Kids coalition in Seminole County, serving on their drowning prevention committees.   I am proud to bring industry knowledge to these groups of first responders, health departments and other agencies.

I have worked for several years with the University of South Florida to develop an online training video for people wanting to become foster parents. This video is now available in at least 4 states and provides the certification for the water safety requirement for their foster care license.

Each year I try to attend at least one industry trade show to catch up on the latest products and developments in the pool and spa industry. New materials and technologies are constantly being developed to make our pools ever safer.

I know from experience that every security system has a weakness. There is no 100% failsafe system available but by layering the systems we use we are reducing the risks considerably.  Please remember there is simply no substitute for consistent adult supervision when children are in or near water.