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In April 2011 I published my first book – The Pool Safety Resource. The following article published by the Orlando Kids Directory really sums up what I was trying to achieve.

The Pool Safety Resource.

A new book by local pool safety consultant helps parents keep their children safe around water.

Geoff Dawson founded The Pool Safety Resource in 2006 to help families in Orlando keep their children safe in and around water. He had been teaching infants and children to swim since 2003 and after losing his job in a corporate shake up realized he was in a unique position to expand his business. “ I was really looking to take the mystery out of pool safety for parents. Many were confused about identifying the risks at home and what they could do to reduce these risks” Geoff says.

Pool Safety experts have long advocated for “layers of protection” around the pool – but what does that really mean to most parents? Over the next few years, Geoff set about educating himself about every pool safety strategy and device he could find, joining drowning prevention groups, attending conferences and talking to hundreds of parents and pool owners about their experiences.

In 2008 he realized that all this accumulated knowledge would be valuable to any parent –not just those with pools in the back yard and set about writing a book. The title just seemed to be an obvious choice “The Pool Safety Resource”

The book guides parents and pool owners through the dangers and risks and helps them identify and make educated choices regarding swimming pools and other bodies of water. It offers real world advice and solutions to help increase safety.

The book covers:

  • Understanding, evaluating and mitigating risks

  • Building layers of protection

  • Constructing a safe new pool

  • Providing aquatic survival skills and swimming lessons

  • Enjoying the pool safely

  • Preparing for emergencies

The book is available from local pool stores, safety fairs, AMAZON.COM and directly from The Pool Safety Resource. The price may vary slightly as it will be made available to non-profit organizations to help raise funds for drowning prevention awareness.

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